Some spend a lifetime looking for what magician, Landon Swank found at age 7: His passion. Since falling in love, with what is now the 31-year-olds’ art, Swank finds himself captivated by creating a unique realm of magic and sharing it with others.

An Alaskan childhood laid the foundation for Swank’s vision. Audiences immediately take to his boy-next-door charm while enticed into Swank’s world thru a show filled with wonder, audience participation and laughs, as he humbly presents his eloquent mastery of the art.

Swank moved to Las Vegas to further pursue his blossoming magic career in 2004. The same year Swank was one of two magicians honored with the opportunity to represent The United States in The World Magic Seminar’s, International Stage Competition. The then 20- year-old, is still the youngest performer to receive an invitation to compete in the prestigious competition held by “Las Vegas’ longest running and most renowned magic convention.”

Pushing his talents further, in 2005 Swank created his first television concept entitled, “Landon Swank’s Alaska”. The series would feature several original illusions, including Swank’s walk across the water of King’s Lake.

Swank competed in the worlds largest and most esteemed talent competition, America’s Got Talent, in 2011, ultimately placing higher than any Stage Illusionist has in the history of the show. During the competition Swank was featured on ten episodes, reaching an average viewing audience of over 13 million people in the United States alone.

In 2012 Swank took his talents global and began touring the world with his stage show, Reality Bent. Since the shows inception Swank has appeared on five continents, in over thirty countries and from coast to coast across America.

Currently Swank is producing and starring in a television series that will begin filming in 2016. The series will feature over 100 original illusion, showcasing more than two decades of experience and ultimately being Swank’s greatest creation to date. Swank is also the Illusionist and feature performer in, “The Supernaturalist”, a show filled with an all star cast of magicians hand selected from around the world.

Referred to by Criss Angel as, “The Future of Magic”, Swank gives a performance that transcends demographics and appeals to both the young and young at heart. He offers a thrilling journey into the unknown, the unexpected and the unexplainable as it can only be described as, “The Magic of Landon Swank.”