The Experience

The Company
Landon Swank has been performing at corporate functions around the country for almost a decade. These shows are custom tailored to fit almost any event at virtually any venue. and can last anywhere from 5 to 55 minutes. Whether you are looking for a different, creative and exciting way to debut a new product or just want to give customers or clients an unforgettable show Landon Swank will make it happen.

The Theatre
Landon Swank’s refreshing and modern illusions have garnered him national television exposure and international recognition. Swank’s stage show is a unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and will leave you in awe. The only way to fully appreciate it is to experience it!

The Table
“Landon Swank is a one in a million master at sleight of hand.” The two decades Swank has spent perfecting his close-up magic have allowed him to become world renowned for his mastery of some of the most difficult gambling exposés possible. Imagine sitting at a private card table with Swank while he stacks an unbeatable Royal Flush in a hand of poker after the deck is examined and shuffled by the audience. No trick decks, no gimmicks, just incredible and elite sleight of hand. “It’s impossible, one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. I play poker weekly and I didn’t think it was even possible to do the things he [Swank] does with a deck of cards.”

Landon Swank’s close up show is a perfect fit for a small group of executives or an exclusive performance that you and your VIP guest will never forget. Be warned, you may not ever play poker again after seeing what is possible…

For more information on specific shows or to book a performance please send an email via the contact page.